Focus Consulting Partners clients span four key industries and are mainly foreign-capital companies with international and progressively-minded management across all industries. We maintain long-term relationships with many of our clients, who have come to trust our expertise and our ability to deliver results. Our consultants will find candidates to meet your criteria and match your company culture. We look forward to partnering with you. Focus Consulting Partners は、4つの専門業界に携わり、私達のクライアント企業様のほとんどは一つの業界に留らないマネージメントをしているグローバル企業です。クライアント企業様とは長いお付き合いを続けており、我々が専門知識を駆使し、結果をもたらすことで信頼関係を育んでいます。条件を満たし、社風に合う人財をご紹介いたします。パートナーとして採用活動のお手伝いができる日を心待ちにしております。

What Should You Expect of A Search Agent:

friendly and professional interaction 親しみやすい専門コンサルタントがサポートします

a consultant that is knowledgeable in your industry 各分野の豊富な知識を用いたコンサルティングを行います

efficient delivery of resumes in a uniform forma 採用活動が効率よく進む経歴書をご提供いたします

a consultant that can represent your company to those passive candidates 採用担当者様と同じ目線で採用活動を支援します

accurate matches for your openings ポジションと人財の的確なマッチング

additional details on candidate language ability, personality, motivations 候補者様の能力、性格、状況などの詳細情報のご提供

fair fees and clear guarantees 納得のいく価格と明白な保証内容

We get the job done 最後までやり遂げる

Our unique “Focused Search™” approach has simplified the search process to save you time and money. We deliver premium results for both candidates and clients resulting in superior customer satisfaction and an extremely high rate of return business. In fact, over 95% of first-time clients come back to us to request additional searches. Many of them have become trusted partners and rely on Focus to fill key positions on an exclusive basis.

Forging long-lasting partnerships. We are focused on solving your problems. Our mission is to deliver excellence. We seek to build long-term relationships with all of our clients, taking pride in every assignment we handle. Work with us, a partner you can trust.

Each candidate we contact for your job order is personally interviewed by our consultants. We gain an understanding of their skill sets both professionally and personally. We gain a deeper insight into candidate motivations and requirements. We believe that this approach will give you an edge over your competitors in landing the best talent in the industry. This approach will also identify at an early stage, which candidates would not match your company culture and expectation.

Our consultants are industry specialists, with extensive experience focusing on one sector of the market. This industry specific focus creates an in-depth understanding of the changing market trends, technologies and human capital requirements within each industry group resulting in a superior level of service to our clients and customers.

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